Meteor lights up sky over Midwest

Meteor lights up sky over Midwest

When the National Weather Service Chicago tweeted the video obtained by the Lisle Police, they prompted others to send in their footage as well.

A Lisle police officer on patrol caught fantastic video of the fireball in the northwest sky just before 1:30 a.m. Monday. The meteor society said some people as far away as NY and Kentucky reported the fireball as well, the Post said.

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Some witnesses also reported hearing "explosion" sounds. The meteor flashed in dramatic blue-green light as it burned up in the atmosphere, a spectacle that was captured by multiple cameras.

Please, don't report slow blinking objects or lights crossing the sky going by 2 or 3: a fireball looks like a big shooting star. Video shows the first estimated trajectory of the meteor.

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The Lisle, Illinois police department caught the so-called meteor on a squad's dash cam.

"They're all kind of the same", Wood said.

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If a meteor doesn't completely burn up and pieces fall to the ground, the fragments are known as meteorites. While the huge green fireball was primarily in those states, there were reports as far west as Minnesota and. Scientists can tell if a meteor produced meteorites based on the flash - the brighter the explosion, the larger the meteor must have been.

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