Behold: McDonald's invents the straw of the future

Behold: McDonald's invents the straw of the future

With St. Patrick's Day approaching, McDonald's is introducing a high-tech straw created to maximize the flavor of its new Chocolate Shamrock Shakes.

Not only did the fast food chain come out with a commercial that's based on an Ive clip, but the video actually promotes a new McDonald's product, the Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal.

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McDonald's only produced a small number of the straws in time for Shamrock season, so it will only be available at select locations - meaning it's unlikely you will get a chance to try it out.

The new straw has a fish-hook shaped design with holes at various points to allow the correct ratio of each flavor of shake into its cylinder.

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Thankfully, McDonald's has answered our milkshake-related prayers with their latest invention. McDonald's needed to ask for the help of two difference engineering firms to improve the straw. The S.T.R.A.W. -which was announced via a big Facebook Live event today, complete with lovingly rendered pans over its sleek surface-will be available in limited quantities to people who really want a fancy engineered straw that comes in its own ridiculous carrying case. McDonald's latest innovation is a straw. It was not as simple as it may seem to develop something that could deliver a proportional amount of both mint flavors and chocolate in one sip.

The Chocolate Shamrock shake gets a half layer of chocolate with half a layer of a minty seasonal topping on top.

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One of the project's engineers, the head of Google partner NK Labs, confesses the redesign did present "quite a few" challenges, surprisingly. Sadly, McDonald's will limit the straw distribution.

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