LG to reveal new VR headset this week at GDC

LG to reveal new VR headset this week at GDC

Valve also stated that a prototype of the LG VR headset will be shown at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 being held in San Francisco, to get feedback and review from developers and fans alike. Pricing and details on the headset's specs are now unavailable but will be announced at a later time.

What can we expect?

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LG has been tight-lipped on information, but the headset could be announced soon. There is now no price set for the LG VR headset. Earlier today, Valve VR developer Chet Faliszek took to Twitter to announce that LG will soon become a part of the SteamVR ecosystem that's now built around the HTC Vive as the Taiwanese tech giant has an exclusivity deal with Valve.

This will be LG's second attempt at penetrating the virtual reality market.

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LG looks like another upcoming player in the VR landscape.

Valve has confirmed that a new headset will be entering the SteamVR ecosystem with LG Electronics leaping into the ring with a prototype of its own SteamVR compatible head-mounted display at GDC this week. Not to be confused with the company's own LG 360 VR, which is a much simpler design that now works with only one device the ill-received LG G5 smartphone.

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Good news for VR fanatics and it will be interesting to find out the specs of this new kit and how far it will push VR forward.

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