Bikers assault driver on video

Bikers assault driver on video

At 6:15 p.m., the CHP received reports that a group of about 10 to 15 dirt bike and ATV riders were involved in sideshow activity on southbound 101 approaching the Cesar Chavez Street exit, according to Officer Vu Williams.

A auto which appeared to be part of the sideshow effort pulled in front of the Corolla, forcing it to stop, as the bikers surrounded the vehicle.

In the video, the bikers are shown without helmets and taking up multiple lanes.

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After the motorist pulled to the side of the freeway, the bikers surrounded his vehicle and struck it with their dirt bikes and their fists, California Highway Patrol Officer Vu Williams told the station.

In that case, a group of bikers pulled Alexian Lien from the driver's seat of his Range Rover and bashed his face as his horrified wife and 2-year-old daughter watched helplessly. The witness told KNTV the bikers smashed the car's side windows and damaged its panels. They were doing wheelies and burnouts, blocking traffic, said Quintana, who was looking for openings to get through the slow-moving traffic.

The search is on for serval bikers who were caught on camera in a violent highway attack. When the driver attempted to get out of the auto, he was badly beaten, left with a broken leg before the members of what KRON 4 reports is "a known local bike gang" fled.

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"He's a good guy", the woman told the outlet.

A number of witnesses videotaped the brutal beatdown as it unfolded. "He's not a troublemaker or nothing like that".

It happened Wednesday on one San Francisco's busiest freeways. When he got out to confront them, he was beaten and kicked, the Modesto resident said. "I don't understand why someone would beat him up". "We won't chase them because it's too unsafe".

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