Google Hangouts Meet Android app now available on Play Store [Download APK]

Google Hangouts Meet Android app now available on Play Store [Download APK]

Google has unveiled its new Hangouts, which include Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat - aimed at collaboration between business team members.

"It's an antidote to the (video conferencing) fatigue that's stopped my users and executives from taking full advantage of other systems", Braintree executive Jerome Knapp said in a Google blog post announcing Hangouts Meet.

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While we may use Hangouts as a place to converse, Google is following a route similar to Slack and establishing a platform to not only be a place to hold discussions, but quickly jump into video calling when needed. Hangouts Chat is available to G Suite customers to try if they apply through an "early adopter program" in which they're willing to give feedback. While Allo hasn't been a roaring success, it looks like Hangouts is being revamped to take on Slack, the messaging app that's popular with businesses, enterprises across the world. For example, the bot called @meet can automatically review the schedules of everyone in a chat room and suggest an appropriate meeting time.

Google is also bringing in "app scripts" to access bots for a variety of tasks. Google had earlier indicated that it viewed Hangouts as more suited for enterprises, when it had launched the Allo app a year ago to take on the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. There's no word on what will happen to the regular "Google Hangouts" service, which now exists on the majority of Android phones. But the focus is now on team communication through group chat rooms. "[It took] a lot of figuring out what the right thing to do for enterprise users was", remarked Scott Johnston, director of product management for Google Drive. According to TechCrunch, every meeting through Meet will come with a dial-in number, which has a PIN code attached.

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Hangouts Meet by Google is a video conferencing service that aims to reduce the issues that are generally faced by groups while organising a video meeting.

Hangouts Chat would let teams use and embed content: Google's Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and other files. We reported this earlier in March, when Google inadvertently leaked news of "Meet by Hangouts", a lightweight videoconferencing solution that can handle up to 30 participants on a single call. Like Microsoft, Google is launching a Slackalike - and like Microsoft, it's betting that deep integration with the rest of its office suite is going to be catnip for IT managers and cost-conscious CFOs. Additionally, Hangouts Chat evolves the Hangouts experience in a way that can scale to enterprise-sized organizations. Conversations are threaded to make them easier to follow.

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