Almost a third of west Mosul recaptured from IS: Iraq general

Almost a third of west Mosul recaptured from IS: Iraq general

IS "is trapped. Just last night, the 9th Iraqi army division, up near Badush, just northwest of Mosul, cut off the last road out of Mosul", Brett McGurk told journalists in Baghdad.

An Iraqi Shia paramilitary group, the Iran-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) of Shia jihadists, claimed to have made the discovery after driving the militants from the Badush area where the prison is located, as part of a wider USA and Iran-backed campaign to dislodge Daesh from the city of Mosul.

In the early days of the Iraqi Security Force advance on Mosul, almost 100 corpses were discovered decapitated in a mass grave.

McGurk also announced that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will visit Washington next week to hold discussions with US President Donald Trump on the further cooperation between two countries.

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Saadi said he expected it would take less time to recapture the western half of the city than the east, which was cleared in January after 100 days of fighting.

"The enemy has lost its fighting power and its resolve has weakened".

"The Iraqi Federal Police and the Rapid Response Force have now infiltrated 200 meters inside the Bab al-Toub area of Mosul's old city".

The Iraqi military and its allies have almost defeated Islamic State in its final and largest Iraqi stronghold of Mosul.

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According to Reuters, losing control of Mosul would be a major blow to ISIS.

"We are waiting for forensic teams and human rights officials to begin unearthing the grave to uncover the whole story", Mr Nouri said on Sunday.

The Hashd al-Shaabi forces, an umbrella pro-Iraq group comprising Iran-backed Shia militias said that the remains found were of "civilian prisoners" who were "executed by (Isis) gangs after they controlled the prison during their occupation of Mosul".

Memozini also stated that Hayy Wadi Hajar, located in western Mosul, was seized last week, and added that security forces discovered the factory building only recently due to the mines and the explosive traps placed by Daesh around the region.

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As an array of forces dismantle Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate across Iraq and Syria, more evidence is emerging of the war crimes committed by the Sunni Islamist militants, who targeted Shi'ite Muslims and religious minorities as well as opponents from their own sect.

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