Turkey threatens to send Europe '15000 refugees a month'

Turkey threatens to send Europe '15000 refugees a month'

"You have to keep in mind that you can't design a game in this region in spite of Turkey", Soylu said in a speech Thursday. "You have to keep in mind that you can not design a game in this region in spite of Turkey", Soylu said.

A key pillar of the deal were pledges by Turkey to boost border security and break people-smuggling networks, moves that analysts say slowed the migrant flow to a trickle.

The Turkish president also threatened to withdraw his country from a migrant deal with the European Union where Turkey has previously agreed to re-admit asylum seekers who reached Europe through Turkey but were denied entry to Europe.

"Our Prime Minister will not dine with a Dutch Prime Minister after the elections", he said, referring to the recent spat between both countries over a ban on rallies by Turkish ministers in the country. "You said, there is freedom of religion, freedom of faith!" The EU has been wasting our time on the visa liberalisation issue.

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Although the numbers were slightly less than in 2015, they were more than double that who applied in 2014.

Turkish expatriates will head to the polls on April 16 to vote whether the country will adopt a presidential system of government over its current parliamentary system.

Merkel stated that Turkish political leaders are permitted to appear in the country under certain conditions: they must disclose who will appear and for what goal, and the foreign politicians must abide by Germany's laws and constitutional principles.

Other Turkish politicians, on the other hand, urged calmness to resolve this explosive crisis with Europe, such as the leader of the nationalists in the parliament, Devlet Bahceli.

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The European Union's top court ruled on Tuesday that employers in Europe may ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols.

The EU Commission said that it expected Turkey to implement the accord.

Mr Erdogan responded by saying that although he had won the election, he had lost Turkey's friendship.

The crisis took unprecedented turn when late on Monday Turkey announced the Dutch ambassador would be barred from returning to Ankara and that Turkey suspends high-level diplomatic relations with the Netherlands.

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