'Girls' Says Goodbye In Emotional Series Finale

'Girls' Says Goodbye In Emotional Series Finale

The series finale focused on her new life, with best friend Marnie (Alison Williams) helping out as a pseudo-nanny, coaching Hannah through breastfeeding and a crying child.

"Latching" feels more like a coda. After a meltdown by Hannah, Marnie made a decision to call Loreen.

After an agonizing struggle to breastfeed, Hannah was consoled by her best friend Marnie and mom Loreen when her baby Grover wouldn't "latch on", showing her nurturing side. But it's not like Marnie is on vacation right now: She's helping her very grumpy, very hard best friend raise a human child in a town she doesn't know, away from all their friends and family. But she ends up staying home with her best friend.

Being someone who lived in Brooklyn for most of my life (I was even born there), I fully understand the allure of moving "upstate" after having a baby.

Ultimately, "Latching" ends with a close-up of Hannah's peaceful face as her baby finally accepts her breast and she hums a song she hates over the closing credits, leaving us with the sense that Hannah is maybe going to be able to leave her narcissism behind after all. It was one thing for him to go to work all day, another to be lying back in a dentist's chair, secure in knowing someone else had the baby. But when you're responsible for another life, it's impossible to keep doing that forever.

This, along with Hannah's concerns about what kind of man she's capable of raising, made me wish the show had more seasons to portray parenting as realistically as it did the experiences of a certain type of young single woman. They're doing it, but more so just getting through their days, desperate to be happy even as they're both radiating misery.

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She returns to her house, still without trousers, and tries to nurse a crying Grover once more. Marnie drives her home from the appointment, convincing her not to give up. Turns out, though, that the teen has simply run away from home because her mother was making her do her homework, and though Hannah was just equally whiny to her own mother, she lets the teen have it.

But Loreen's not here to bail Hannah out. In Hannah, Marnie saw someone with brains, substance, gravitas.

I never hated Girls, but I always held it at arm's length.

"What's up?" Hannah asks, still dancing.

This season, Shoshanna told Hannah, Jessa and Marnie that she was exhausted of their narcissism. Majority are-at the bare minimum-controversial (The Sopranos), some are truly great (Breaking Bad, Mad Men), and many are downright shitty (Lost, we're looking at you).This was somewhere in the middle. But after a talk with Hannah's mother, she realized that she needed to pursue her own happiness instead of catering to others' - she just needs to figure out what that entails. After a fight, she storms out of the house and as the screen door slams, Loreen calls to her, "Bye, baby girl".

And that's when she runs into a whiny teenage girl who is pant-less and shoeless and is in an "emergency incident".

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Redemption: In the last two seasons of Girls, especially, Hannah began to acknowledge that other people might have feelings and opinions, too. Episodes were often akin to short films, even if they weren't intentional one-offs like this season's bruising "American Bitch" (where Hannah confronts a celebrated and possibly predatory older male writer) or season two's melancholy standout "One Man's Trash" (in which Hannah spends a weekend in a attractive brownstone with an equally lovely man and realizes with some disappointment that she just wants to be happy).

Girls then offered one final, awkward sexual encounter for Marnie: She was video-chatting and exploring a pilot fantasy with a random man using a phony British voice.

Marnie is having phone sex with someone while putting on an English accent, and Loreen walks in on her. Loreen apologizes, and Marnie tells her about Delvin, the personal trainer she was on the phone with. Hannah and her volatile and magnetic ex (Adam Driver) realized once and for all that they weren't good for each other anymore.

Hannah's mother Loreen then arrived at her daughter's new home in upstate NY after getting a distress call from Marnie. Grover is sound asleep upstairs, on a bottle of formula. And Hannah goes ballistic. In a moment of clarity about who she is, Hannah reveals why she is so determined to breastfeed: "Don't you get it?"

And then Girls' sixth and final season seemed more self-critical than ever.

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