Deadline for paper £5 note looms

Deadline for paper £5 note looms

From midnight Friday May 5 the old fiver will be withdrawn from circulation and will no longer be accepted in most shops.

Around 150 million paper notes, featuring an image of prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, are still in circulation but 5 May marks the last day it can be used.

If you receive a cotton £5 note as change in a shop, you can refuse it and ask for a new version instead.

The Bank said some banks and building societies may continue to accept the old fiver after May 5 - but this is at their own discretion so people may want to check their bank or building society's policy.

Will I need to provide ID to exchange the old fivers?

Large Monday morning earthquakes shake, wake Southeast Alaska residents
Charisse Millett was asleep in Juneau, 134 miles away from the quake, when the shaking started around 4:30 a.m. The geological survey website has recorded almost 200 reports of people feeling the shaking.

"All Bank of England notes retain their face value for all time".

What happens if I still have a paper £5 note after May 5?

Notes may be presented for payment either in person or sent by post (at the sender's risk) to: Dept NEX, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH.

Those eco-friendly chaps over at the bank intend to recycle the old paper fivers using a composting treatment.

What happens on 5 May?

UNESCO votes to condemn Israel's presence in Jerusalem
Netanyahu dismissed the resolution, which passed by 22 votes to 10, with 23 abstentions. The Old City also houses major Christian shrines.

Lloyds Banking Group (includes Halifax) - Existing customers will still be able deposit the old £5 notes.

The new polymer notes have increased security features and are more hard to counterfeit.

A new £10 polymer note is due to be introduced in September featuring 18th-century author Jane Austen to recognise her "universal appeal and enduring contribution to English literature".

So, if you've got a wad of cash in your purse, wallet or stashed in your piggy bank check to see if you have one or more of the notes that are about to become worthless. After this they will cease to be legal tender.

The Post Office has said its branches will accept the notes as a deposit into any main United Kingdom bank account after the deadline.

USA explosives 'used in deadly attack on Turkish police'
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member Turkey considers the YPG an extension of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which has been waging an insurgency in Turkey since 1984.

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