Trump calls House healthcare bill 'mean' during closed-door meeting with senators ‒ report

Trump calls House healthcare bill 'mean' during closed-door meeting with senators ‒ report

But just over a month ago, the president repeatedly praised the GOP-sponsored legislation, describing it as a "great plan" after a vote confirmed the bill's approval in the House.

Hatch said, "We're not going to ignore anything".

"We'll let you see the bill when we finally release it", Mr. McConnell told reporters. How about you? Is this the way to pass a law that may affect you or others you know. And while that practice may not be unheard of, it is troubling for a bill of this magnitude and with this much controversy attached to it, says Dr. Paul B. Ginsburg, the director for the Center of Health and Policy at the Brookings Institution.

A forecast from the Congressional Budget Office, an independent, nonpartisan agency, said that premiums will actually increase over the next few years should the bill pass in its current form, and long-term effects will ultimately fall to individual states.

Democrats have slammed the Senate Republicans' refusal to accept Democrat amendments to their newly-drafted bill and a lack of transparency as it's being drawn up. Some reportedly favor an even longer phase-out period to give states more time to pick up the slack.

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Remember the GOP complaints about the way the Affordable Care Act came into being?

I think most of the taxes are going to go away for sure - the taxes that affect consumers, your tax on prescriptions, tax on medical devices, tax on insurance plans.

Republican senators still disagree on major components of potential legislation, and the meeting with Trump did little to change their minds. That bill was widely criticized for allowing states to seek waivers from insurance protections for people with pre-existing health conditions.

If the Senate's Republican leadership follows along, with a plan written in secret by a hand-picked group of men, the chamber's moderate Republicans must reject it. Though he indicated it's unclear what the bill will ultimately look like, he worries about the impact on the economy if "we don't get in the right direction".

"Just to check the box for political reasons, I don't think Sen".

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Others say the process is hard to defend, but they have no choice if they want to keep their campaign promise to replace Obamacare. "That's not good. We're trying to do it from a one-party perspective because no Democrat is willing to help us". Not that either. Anthem explained clearly what is responsible for its retreat: Republican sabotage of the health-care system. Instead they expressed their concerns to a president who encouraged them to work out their differences, multiple senators who attended the meetings said.

It didn't help the optics after the fact when some Republican lawmakers were forced to acknowledge that they had not read the bill before voting in support of it.

"The emerging bill is considerably better than the House bill", said Sen.

Conservatives like Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have also come out against a slower phase-out of this funding, making a compromise more hard.

But that was way back in May and Trump, who specializes in meaningless shilling, quickly moves on to the next sales pitch.

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