Taylor Swift expected to testify against alleged groper in court

Taylor Swift expected to testify against alleged groper in court

Taylor Swift's lawsuit against a former Denver radio host who denied groping her hits federal court on Monday, with the charting-topping singer set to testify at the civil trial expected to run nine days in front of a jury of nine.

He alleges that the time of the incident, he asked that the police be called.

In case you're not up to date on everything that's happened with the case, here's everything you need to know heading into the trial.

Mueller's boss said the DJ told him during an internal investigation that any contact during the photo op was incidental or accidental.

"[Mueller] was only about six months into a two-year contract with KYGO, and so it would appear fairly obviously that he would be able to show that he lost the year and half of work, but he's basically claiming that he was blackballed from the industry because of the allegations Swift made against him", he added.

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The host, David Mueller, has sued Swift, saying her accusation that he groped her during a meet-and-greet in 2013 is false and interfered with with his business. She says she wants to hold Mueller accountable and is seeking $1. TMZ published the photo in question last November. TheDenver Post reports that Swift's legal team has already submitted 17 articles, university studies and academic papers focused on sexual harassment and violence as part of their court documents. He also claims that later in the evening on the night of the concert, he was berated and thrown out by security.

Among the key pieces of evidence is a photo which shows Mueller with his right hand behind the singer, just below her waist.

"It's impossible for me to pick one specific moment that it was happening because it happened in a series of moments, so one of the moments when it was happening, in progress, was the moment we were posing for the photo and when the photo was being taken, but that was not the only moment that he was grabbing my a**", she alleged. Claiming the events did not go down as depicted, Mueller was the first to strike in court, suing the singer for damages in September 2015.

Swift and Mueller are both expected to testify, along with Mueller's former boss and members of Swift's entourage.

Aside from her on-again, maybe off-again feud with Katy Perry, pop star Taylor Swift has had a relatively quiet year by her standards.

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As a result, Swift and her attorneys won a big pre-trial victory over Mueller.

Swift countersued for assault and battery.

Who will testify at the trial? .

Swift plans to donate any winnings from the trial to a charity that fights against, and protects women from, sexual assault.

A jury will hear both sides of the case beginning next week.

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