This Was the Surprising Top Search After the Solar Eclipse

This Was the Surprising Top Search After the Solar Eclipse

Many were left in awe after the total solar eclipse carved its path across mainland United States on August 21.

ABBA Eye Care tells News5 it can take several days for something like solar retinopathy to start causing damage. Around them, at least three groups of other people were also watching, and from what he could see, they were all protecting their eyes. Crist says quick glances wouldn't be very harmful, but looking at the sun for 20 seconds leads to potential problems. And even those who peeked at the sun but aren't experiencing symptoms should see a ophthalmologist who specializes in retinas (not an optometrist, the person who writes prescriptions for glasses). The result could be permanent damage to your retina.

Eye doctors say they've taken calls about possible vision damage, and what to do with glasses. The snag? There's precious little a doctor can do about damage to the retina from the sun's rays; the eye simply needs time to heal, which it often does fully.

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Dr. Steven Couch, an ophthalmologist with Washington University at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, said he's had a lot of patients call in complaining of things like headaches, discomfort in their eyes, or their eyes feeling exhausted - all from the eclipse.

If you want to view the eclipse but don't have glasses, Buehler has two bits of advice: Build a pinhole viewer with two paper plates or ask nicely to borrow someone else's glasses for a few moments during the event. So, while we'd recommend those of you complaining about eye pain to go see a doctor, pain isn't a good indicator of whether you've experienced retina damage. During an eclipse, people turn their eyes to the sun for a longer period of time and that can cause damage. Sure enough, the teenagers eventually spotted what they had been looking for: a partial eclipse of the sun.

Kyle Klezmer wears protective glasses as he watches Monday's eclipse while lying in the grass at Indiana University Kokomo.

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Other popular searches like "eyes hurt eclipse" and "eclipse hurt your eyes" make the motivation more obvious. "But you can not let them become damaged", says Dr. Crist.

For those who witnessed the Great American Eclipse on Monday and are wondering whether they could have developed vision issues, here are a few things to know about post-eclipse eye health. One way to check your vision: the Amsler Grid, which detects blurred vision or sun damage.

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