McCain sinks Republican Obamacare repeal plan again

McCain sinks Republican Obamacare repeal plan again

The Graham-Cassidy bill would repeal major pillars of Obama's law, replacing them with block grants to states to design their own programs.

"I feel an obligation to fix this disaster and intend to push forward for state-centric health care vs Washington-knows-best health care", Graham said on Twitter. A Lee aide did not immediately answer a request for comment.

But Paul cracked the door open to providing some funds to states if the amount of money was significantly reduced from the levels under Cassidy-Graham.

McCain, an Arizona Republican who is being treated for brain cancer and cast a crucial "no" vote to defeat a similar bill in July, said on Friday that he could not "in good conscience" vote for the proposal authored by Republican Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham.

Senator Rand Paul has criticized the bill from the opposite standpoint, arguing that it doesn't go far enough.

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"What is clear, however, is that the legislation would result in very large reductions in insurance coverage", they wrote. "That's more than what states provide for higher education", it said.

LePage cited a study from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that said ME would gain 44 percent more in funding by 2026 under the proposal by Republican Sens.

But the Brookings Institution said on Friday that the Graham-Cassidy bill could leave at least 21 million fewer Americans with health insurance by 2020 to 2026. "But that has not been the case".

She noted that she would take a final decision following a preliminary assessment of the bill's impact by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Before the Affordable Care Act, insurers could deny coverage to people with diseases like diabetes or charge them much higher premiums.

Paul also said he would have voted to block grant Medicaid funding in 2009.

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The White House legislative director insists the latest bill to repeal former President Barack Obama's health care law is "not dead".

Trump targeted two other Republicans. Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) have voiced such concerns.

"The bill would lose if three GOP senators vote "no" in a showdown this week".

"They are not doing a service to the people that they represent", Trump said.

"I hope that we can pass a bill this week that will be bipartisan, help stabilize the markets, help reduce the premiums under the leaderships of Senator Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray and those of us who are working hard toward that goal". But just as quickly, those plans were thrown into doubt late Friday by news that the potentially decisive vote, Sen. Wisconsin would see an infusion of about $3.5 billion in federal money during the next six years under the bill, according to an independent analysis by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. States that expanded their Medicaid programs, including California and NY, would face the biggest cuts, while Texas and some states in the Deep South and West would fare better. Insurance rules that protect people with pre-existing conditions could be loosened through state waivers. A public dispute between TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel, whose infant son has a congenital heart defect, and the Senate sponsors took on bitter personal terms this week and demonstrated how little is understood about the legislation.

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