Look up to see the Orionids meteor shower tonight

Look up to see the Orionids meteor shower tonight

Are you ready for it?

If the meteors originate from Halley's, why are they called the Orionids? Also, moonlight will not interfere since we will have a new moon.

Friday night, the sky is expected to light up again in a cosmic fireworks show as the Earth passes through a field of meteoroids. But the meteors should be visible between midnight and dawn.

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The best viewing, though, will be when Orion is overhead at 1:30 a.m.

The Orionid meteor shower, which appears once a year in October or November, near the Orion constellation (brush up on your Greek mythology here), is known to generate the Usain Bolt of meteor showers-incredibly fast and bright, producing up to 20 meteors per hour. The Orionid meteors are space dust from Halley's Comet. Clear skies are in the forecast for the CSRA tonight and tomorrow night, so the view won't be blocked by clouds, plus it is a New Moon tonight, which means zero lunar light pollution. During certain times of the year, the comet's debris crosses paths with the Earth's orbit, causing spectacular meteor showers.

If you're agoraphobic and/or lazy and/or the weather in your area is bad, feel free to watch the meteor shower from the comfort of your bed. Ultimately, the view from a higher vantage point, such as a hill or mountain, is best.

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Katherine Hunt, Planetarium Manager at Ingram Planetarium said the best chance to catch a glimpse of the shower is to look to the east early Saturday morning, before dawn.

Read tips from Seminole State College planetarium director Derek Demeter on how to make the most of your experience if you plan to visit the park for the meteor shower.

That equates to roughly one shooting star every two and a half minutes, so it's best to get comfortable.

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Astronomers in the U.S. can look forward to clear skies in the southwestern and eastern parts of the country.

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