British vehicle created to reach 1000mph tested on runway

British vehicle created to reach 1000mph tested on runway

Twenty years after breaking the sound barrier in the Nevada desert in the Thrust SSC, Green is the man at the controls again, driving a vehicle designed using a mixture of fighter jet, Formula One and spacecraft technology.

This public test will be the first of many such trial runs as the team put every single part of the auto through its paces ahead of the historic test run in South Africa in 2019. As this is a working airport, the test run will take place in between scheduled flights landing and taking off. The Bloodhound team wants to first hit 800 miles per hour to establish a new land speed record and then try for the 1,000 miles per hour milestone. The Bloodhound team are utterly convinced they will succeed, and they can not be dismissed as a bunch of deluded cranks because they are the only people to have designed, built and driven a auto through the sound barrier, a record which has stood for 20 years.

The aim of the Bloodhound SSC is to break the current land speed world record. In schools in 220 countries around the world, two million young people - 130,000 in the United Kingdom - are following Bloodhound, thereby bringing science, maths, technology and engineering vividly to life and boosting the number of engineering students going to university like nothing since the Apollo Project took man to the moon. The Bloodhound reached a speed of around 200mph on the 1.7-mile runway.

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The vehicle travelled from zero to 200 miles per hour in under 8 seconds, accelerating at 1.5 G. Tests at those speeds will give more critical feedback about the design, including how the wheels perform.

The project had gestated in the mind of aerodynamicist Ron Ayers 20 years ago when the two jet engines of the supersonic Thrust SSC vehicle he designed were hardly cold.

These shakedown runs are of course necessary to make sure all systems are working as intended before the auto heads out to South Africa for its record attempt.

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"The design and engineering team has done an incredible job with Bloodhound SSC".

The two runway trials came after a series of tests to check the car's steering, brakes, suspension and data systems, as well as the efficiency of the intake feeding air to the EJ200 jet engine, sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon.

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