Rare 'blue supermoon' total eclipse to occur in Singapore on 31 January

Rare 'blue supermoon' total eclipse to occur in Singapore on 31 January

Total eclipses will be visible from everywhere on the Earth that will have night, and the duration of each visible eclipse will vary from place to place. Shortly before the blue moon starts, Earth's lone natural satellite will reach a point known as perigee, where it is at its closest point to the planet and appears much larger to the naked eye.

Being the second full moon in the month, it is also referred to as a blue moon.

People had witnessed 2018's first supermoon on January 1 and January 2, this astronomical rarity of events is being called a super blue blood moon eclipse. Along the U.S. Atlantic Seaboard, for instance, the moon will have only just begun to enter the darkest part of Earth's shadow, the umbra, at 6:48 a.m. EST when it will disappear from view below the west-northwest horizon.

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NASA offers advice on when to look out for this super blue blood moon.

According to SCS, the astrological event will begin at 7.48pm and end at 11.11pm in Singapore. Both of these eclipses will be total. The reddish color of the eclipsed moon earned it the name Blood Moon.

Look up at the sky on January 31 and you may witness a sight unseen for 150 years.

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After this year, the next time that a Blue Moon passes through Earth's umbra will be on December 31, 2028, and, after that, on January 31, 2037.

January 31st 2018 is definitely going to be a very special night for the moon as a rare combination of three celestial events, occurring only once every 150 years is about to take place. Secondly, the moon will be a supermoon.

A so-called supermoon is seen at the finish of a lunar eclipse behind an Orthodox church in Turets, Belarus, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015. "But it's another great chance to watch the moon".

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The New Year's full moon is called a wolf moon, named for the howls of the hungry animals during midwinter. And January's blue moon will be followed by another blue moon in late March.

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