by | April 26, 2017 | 09:03

Finding out that I've just got another Olympic medal. The second-place finisher in Beijing-Ukraine's Lyudmila Blonska-has also been disqualified for doping. This week Chernova was also stripped of her upgraded Olympic bronze from... Recently, the Russian Athletics Federation issued a list of five athletes who confessed to having used turinabol, among which stand out the winners of London-2012 Antonina Krivoshapka (Silver Medal, 4 x 400 relay) and Yevguenia Kolodko (Silver Medal, shot put).

by | April 26, 2017 | 09:00

It is expected to reflect his pledge to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 per cent. Trump's proposal will not include a controversial "border-adjustment" tax on imports that was in earlier proposals floated by House Republicans as a way to offset revenue losses resulting from tax cuts.

by | April 26, 2017 | 08:57

He says the explosion also wounded 13 people. Militants planted the explosive device in the Kurram Agency in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) bordering Afghanistan, said senior regional official Shahid Ali Khan. The explosion occurred in central Kurram as the vehicle travelled to the town of Sadda, about 250km west of the capital Islamabad, early on Tuesday morning, Majidullah, a local administration official, said.

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:39

PinkNews reports they have "spoken to the Foreign Office, who verified that President Kadyrov made the threat in local Russian language media, seen by the United Kingdom government". One hundred gay men have reportedly been ensnared in the crackdown so far, and three have died. "If any of my relatives realises I'm gay, they won't hesitate a minute before killing me", another of the men, 28-year-old Nortcho, told AFP.

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:39

The United Democratic Movement, another opposition party, said Tuesday that the Constitutional Court agreed to consider its demand for a secret ballot. The application had no merit and it did not fall within the court's exclusive jurisdiction, she said. UDM leader Bantu Holomisa took to Twitter to celebrate.

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:37

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is anxious about Trump's protectionist talk and has sent his ministers to the talk about the importance of Canada's trade relationship with the U.S. and the affects on the American dairy industry's revenue and jobs. Lumber was excluded from NAFTA and its predecessor, the Canada-U.S. American producers say the policy violates trade agreements and exacerbates a glut of milk on the American side of the border.

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:32

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw branded the Labour leader a " clear and present danger to the Union". The UK Labour leader said the move would bring together England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, while giving workers a well-deserved break.

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:29

The translation won't work for every language pair out there, but if you've ever use Google Translate, you have a good idea of which languages it can handle - and, well, it's a lot of languages. This means that users will be able to browse through websites with content translated from foreign languages to the aforementioned 9 languages. "About 35% of Indian language internet users access government services, classifieds, news and payment services exclusively online".

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:27

The report also highlights the poor condition of the existing shelter homes and suggests that funding for the shelter home has to be taken care by the state government itself. State governments bordering Bangladesh may ban livestock markets within 20 km from the global border. "Each animal will have a unique number that will have details like age, breed, sex, height, colour, horn type and special marks", a senior officer from India's home ministry that prepared the recommendations told ...

by | April 25, 2017 | 13:15

But Speaker P. Sreeramakrishnan said they could raise it at the appropriate time. Reacting to Mani's rant, BJP State president Kummanam Rajasekharan said efforts were on to isolate those who stand for truth and justice. Manorama reports that the police attempted to arrest and make Augustine leave the site of the protest, which led to an altercation between protestors and the police.

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:57

Russian Federation has derailed a proposed UN Security Council statement that would have condemned North Korea's latest missile launch test, using its veto to torpedo the motion. Such statements by the 15-member council have to be agreed by consensus. Speaking aboard the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier at the US Yokosuka naval base in Tokyo Bay, Mr Pence said the Trump administration would continue to "work diligently" with allies like Japan, China and other global powers to apply ...

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:55

A high level of indecision adds to nervousness. Fifteen years after her own father made it to the second round, they hope she can make history as France's first female president - one wants to shut down the country's borders, renegotiate European Union treaties and slash immigration to one-tenth of its current annual level.

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:54

The two-story home was engulfed. Three children were among the dead, de Blasio said at the news conference. New York Fire Department personnel stand outside the scene of a deadly fire Sunday, April 23, 2017, in Queens Village in New York that killed multiple people, including children.

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:51

In this image taken from video aired by North Korean broadcaster KRT, a portrait of Kim Il-sung is carried during a parade at the square named for him in Pyongyang on Saturday, April 15, 2017. He ordered a cruise missile attack on Syria in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack, and the USA military just used a huge bomb against so-called Islamic State in Afghanistan.

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:50

While the Trump administration insists it does not want to divulge what it will do to counter the regime's nuclear threat, it is unlikely that the U.S. She said members are working on a statement responding to the latest North Korean missile launch that failed. There has been growing concern about North Korea's nuclear capabilities, but little consensus from the rest of the world as to what action can be taken to curtail it.

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:48

People look at an exhibit as they tour the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Jerusalem. "I will speak this evening at Yad Vashem about the great significance of the transition from the Holocaust to revival, from the people that is a driven leaf, helpless, to a sovereign people with a defensive force that is among the strongest in the world".

by | April 24, 2017 | 05:47

A supply ship bearing John Glenn's name arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday. Whitson's 20-minute call with President Trump will air live on NASA Television and will be streamed on the agency's website and Facebook page at 10 a.m.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:36

Call of Duty WWII is Sledgehammer's biggest game project yet. Signs that the Call of Duty series was heading back to this period have been around since February when Activision CFO Thomas Tippl hinted at it during an earnings conference call.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:26

The New York Mets are playing without All-Star outfielder Yoenis Cespedes because he was forced to leave Thursday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies with a left leg injury. The utility infielder is off to a slow start this season, slashing.171/.191/.343 with two homers, three RBI and four runs scored in 35 at bats. Shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera was out of the lineup, too, with a hamstring problem and catcher Travis d'Arnaud was sidelined with a bruised right wrist.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:29

Despite Corbyn's bravado, his party is demoralized and divided under his left-wing leadership and is expected to fare badly. Several Labour lawmakers told The Guardian they felt their leader was too hasty in supporting a snap election based on Mrs May's terms and in a climate of national instability because of Brexit.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:29

The Tianzhou-1 spacecraft should dock with the Tiangong 2 space laboratory, where two astronauts spent a month last October, in Beijing's longest manned space mission. "A shorter docking time for manned spaceships is of great significance as it will make astronauts more comfortable", Bai said. Tianzhou-1 will dock with Tiangong-2 three times, Bai said.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:27

During Pence's meeting with Jokowi and their joint news conference, both addressed several key issues that Washington and Jakarta are cooperating on within that partnership, such as terrorism and maritime security. A day after an election riven with religious tension, Mike Pence struck an odd note by comparing Indonesia and the US. Pence concluded by reassuring the gathered crowd that the Trump administration had no intention of keeping all Muslims out.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:28

President Trump announced Saturday his plans for next weekend the he skips the annual White House Correspondents Dinner: He'll be holding a rally in Pennsylvania. As many quickly pointed out, Trump himself had often referred to the 100-day marker as an important point of his presidency . Also that night, Samantha Bee will host a Not The White House Correspondents Dinner at 10 p.m.

by | April 23, 2017 | 03:18

The probe, which launched in 1997 and has orbited Saturn since 2004, starts this daring expedition April 22. Now Cassini will be programmed to use Titan as a gravitational slingshot and from now until 15 September will get closer and closer to the planet, until it will finally burn up in its atmosphere.

by | April 22, 2017 | 02:16

Washington had billed Pence's visit to Jakarta as a booster for a strategic partnership between the world's second- and third-largest democracies, but a raft of bilateral disputes with US companies could sap the goodwill from his trip. The vice president praised Indonesia for its moderate form of Islam and said the two countries would continue to cooperate on combating terrorism.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:04

Mike Rogers have been asked to return to testify during a closed session on May 2. The committee said Friday, April 21, 2017, that it had sent letters requesting Rogers and FBI Director James Comey to appear at a closed hearing. A planned closed hearing with Comey and Rogers also was put off. In a pair of letters, ranking Democrat Adam Schiff, (D-Calif.), and Rep. The latter hearing was the most contentious for Republicans and Democrats on the committee.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:05

On Wednesday, three people died in nationwide protests against President Nicolas Maduro. The neglected factory hasn't produced a vehicle since 2015 but GM still has 79 dealers that employ 3,900 people in Venezuela, where for decades it was the market leader.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:03

Customers who bought the said models manufactured from February to October previous year will be sent an official recall notice by mail. Tesla has said it will be contacting customers who may have been affected and advising them on how they can have their vehicle repaired.

by | April 20, 2017 | 09:54

Gronkowski asked him if he was sure, and when Mr Spicer reiterated his initial response, he told him he'd let him get on with it, to which Mr Spicer said: "Alright, thanks man". Kraft was one of at least seven National Football League team owners who gave $1 million each to Trump's inaugural committee, a new fundraising report shows.

by | April 20, 2017 | 09:49

The order also seeks to strengthen requirements that American-made products be used in certain federal construction projects, as well as in various federal grant-funded transportation projects. "The fact is, NAFTA has been a disaster for the United States - a complete and total disaster", he said. Companies reliant on H-1B labor have successfully "gamed the system to set the wage floor so low so that it's below the market wage", Hira said.