by | January 12, 2018 | 00:28

The company had 178 granted patents, according to its LinkedIn page . The Bloomberg report says that the shares were transferred to Google on December 13. It had raised $5 million in Series B funding from Arie Capital on March 22nd, 2017. So far, Redux has only been able to integrate its technologies inside PCs and some infotainment systems for vehicles, but none have made its way to commercially available mobile devices yet.

by | January 11, 2018 | 00:43

On March 5, Trump's extension of the DACA program ends. For Dreamers, the bill would grant them a new legal status with three-year work permits and the right to travel outside the US - a congressionally approved enhanced version of the current DACA program - but no special pathway to citizenship.

by | January 11, 2018 | 00:40

Friday will be mostly cloudy with a high of 38 degrees. Snowfall of 4 to 6 inches and ice accumulations of up to a tenth of an inch are possible. The strongest winds will be found from west central to south central Minnesota where winds could gust to 40 miles per hour.

by | January 10, 2018 | 01:21

Obviously, Project Linda uses Android as its operating system. But rather than just sticking a smartphone processor in a laptop, Project Linda aims to blur the line between phone and laptop design by integrating the two together. The Razer Phone will be the first smartphone to support premium audio and video formats for Netflix. Having spent many trade shows with my laptop tethered to my my phone's mobile connection due to shoddy Wi-Fi, I can certainly see the appeal.

by | January 10, 2018 | 01:18

Told Hargrave (see first video below), 'For a superintendent or any person in a position of leadership getting any type of raise, I feel like it's a slap in the face for teachers, cafeteria workers and any other support staff we have '. Hargrave was arrested for resisting an officer and remaining after being forbidden, but the school system is not pressing charges, KATC reported .

by | January 08, 2018 | 03:34

As the jackpots for the Mega Millions and Powerball grow, so do the ticket sales, which means more funding for education. If a player win's Friday's $450 million jackpot, it would be the largest Mega Millions prize won in the state.

by | January 08, 2018 | 03:08

According to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, the state of Oregon received over $60 million in state taxes from the recreational marijuana industry. However, Jeff Sessions' stand point is strictly speaking correct. Marijuana has never been legal under federal law, and it still isn't. He said the Trump administration's position "defies facts and logic".

by | January 07, 2018 | 06:42

Young is the only U.S. astronaut to go into space as part of the Gemini, Apollo and space shuttle programmes and the first to fly into space six times, said NASA. In 1981, he served as Commander of STS-1, the first space shuttle mission, which some have called "the boldest test flight in history". He never went to space again.

by | January 06, 2018 | 01:23

The Etowah County Arson Task Force confirmed it is investigating the blaze in Gadsen and speaking to a person of interest. The statement says investigators don't believe the fire is linked to Moore or the allegations against him. reports that Johnson and her husband were at work, and their grandchild was at school when the fire broke out about 8 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

by | January 05, 2018 | 13:13

The news came in the wake of renewed concerns about North Korea's nuclear strike capability as the rogue nation broke a two-month pause in weapons testing with the launch of its "most powerful ICBM" yet, dubbed the Hwasong-15. The publication published photos posted by the Kim Jong Un regime during a missile launch celebration concert in July 2017. According to the report the missile never rose higher than 70km before crashing into either industrial or agricultural buildings.

by | January 05, 2018 | 13:12

Upon waking up, the woman alerted a flight attendant. Ramamoorthy also indicated that he partially unzipped her trousers and inserted his finger, and may have unsuccessfully attempted to put his finger in her vagina. The court filing stated that Ramamoorthy also admitted that he "unzipped the woman's trousers part-way and put his finger inside". Both Ramamoorthy and his wife gave lengthier statements later indicating that the pill Ramamoorthy had taken was "plain Tylenol".

by | January 05, 2018 | 13:13

Being the second full moon in the month, it is also referred to as a blue moon. People had witnessed 2018's first supermoon on January 1 and January 2, this astronomical rarity of events is being called a super blue blood moon eclipse.

by | January 05, 2018 | 12:58

The GPUs are also different and the Adreno 508 found in Snapdragon 630 is said to offer up to 30 per cent better performance than Adreno 506 in the Snapdragon 626/625. Nokia 6 (2018) ships with an improved processor, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and "Boathie" mode for camera, a feature first seen on Nokia 8. Hopefully, by the time the Nokia 6 2018 hits global markets; it would be running Oreo so we can only wait and watch on that one for now.

by | January 03, 2018 | 01:09

According to Suva and Merchant, the likelihood of Apple making the purchase this year is around 40 percent. Not only that, but the opportunity to repatriate money held in offshore accounts without paying a bunch of extra taxes means that Apple can bring the cash necessary for the purchase back into the States.

by | January 03, 2018 | 01:11

KitGuru Says: Currently, Nintendo is on Switch firmware version 4.1.0, so whatever exploit is at play here has likely already been patched. We haven't announced anything for Switch following Wolfenstein II in 2018, but if and when we do, we will let you know.

by | January 03, 2018 | 01:09

According to Opposition sources, BJP seems to be "isolated" on this bill except its allies SAD and Shiv Sena likely to come up its support, in the Upper House. A meeting of the Business Advisory Committee of the Rajya Sabha ended without a consensus on the issue as the government was keen that the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017 be adopted as passed last week by the Lok Sabha.

by | January 03, 2018 | 01:06

Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Powerball draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 p.m. With no lucky victor in Friday night's drawing, the Mega Millions jackpot swelled to $361 million for Tuesday's drawing. That's the highest it's been since August, when one ticket for the $758.7 million jackpot was sold in Chicopee. The Mega Millions victor was also drawn Friday without a victor.

by | January 02, 2018 | 11:18

This is also a great opportunity for the youth of J&K to express their ideas and vision at such a high profile national platform. PM Modi also said that August 15, a mock parliament can be organised in Delhi where youth elected from every district of India can participate.

by | January 01, 2018 | 01:37

The officers "were shot very, very quickly", Spurlock told reporters. The suspect was also neutralised. Suspect shot & believed to be dead & no longer a threat. "Please avoid this area". An emergency shelter has been set up at Highlands Ranch Recreation Center at Eastridge at 9568 S University Blvd. "He loved to serve", Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said.

by | December 31, 2017 | 02:06

The prank is becoming quite popular with online gamers across the country. "The irresponsible acts of a prankster put people's lives at risk", said Livingston, the deputy Wichita chief. "If the false police call had not been made, we would not have been there". The Eagle report reads that "Police don't think the man [Finch] fired at police".

by | December 31, 2017 | 02:03

The person running her popular Twitter account told Garner's 35,000 followers Wednesday that a CAT scan revealed that she had suffered brain damage "from lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest". A Justice Department civil rights investigation into the case is ongoing. The 27-year-old firebrand remained on life support Thursday morning, her mother Esaw Snipes said .

by | December 31, 2017 | 01:24

Blaming the PCC for mismanagement at the party's office gate, Kumari added, "I can only blame myself for the unsavoury incident". Shimla: On Friday, in a shocking incident, a newly elected MLA of the Congress in Himachal Pradesh slapped a lady police constable.

by | December 30, 2017 | 01:17

Anand won his first FIDE World Chess Championship in 2000 in Tehran, after several near-misses in the year before. India's chess ace Viswanathan Anand beat Russia's Vladimir Fedoseev to lift the World rapid chess championship in Riyadh on Thursday.

by | December 30, 2017 | 01:14

A broad religious exemption to this law would permit any business to deny service to anyone, rendering Oregon's protections against discrimination meaningless. Shackelford said in a statement . Shackelford added, "In a diverse and pluralistic society, people of goodwill should be able to peacefully coexist with different beliefs".

by | December 29, 2017 | 01:09

So the iPhone maker now wants Cook to fly private for "all business and personal travel", it said in the filing. In all, Cook in 2017 made at Apple $12,825,065, which included a contribution of $16,200 to Cooks retirement account by the company.

by | December 29, 2017 | 01:07

On Oct. 8, the US suspended issuance of visas to Turkish citizens due to the arrest of an employee of the US Consulate General in Istanbul. They were restored after Turkey assured USA authorities that no other local employees were under investigation and that local staffers wouldn't be detained for doing their jobs, the embassy said in a statement Thursday.

by | December 28, 2017 | 00:48

While picking the members of his Cabinet , Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has ignored some old warhorses, choosing instead to place his trust in younger lawmakers. Former Congress leader Sukh Ram's son Anil Sharma, who joined the BJP on the eve of elections from the Congress, was the next to take the oath. He was also a Minister of State from 1993-97.

by | December 28, 2017 | 00:44

Shop worker Laura Plummer , 33, was arrested after she was found to be carrying 290 tramadol tablets in her suitcase, a painkiller which is legal in the United Kingdom but which is banned in Egypt . Sinclair said her daughter was being held in bad conditions in a communal cell in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada with no beds, sharing with up to 25 other women.

by | December 27, 2017 | 02:13

However they were able to communicate with him mainly via a telephone. The 40-minute meeting took place across a glass pane in the Pakistani foreign office in the presence of Indian deputy high commissioner J.P. The video played during the press conference was recorded before Jadhav's meeting with his family, officials said. TV footage showed a convoy of around seven vehicles escorting Jadhav's family in the city.

by | December 27, 2017 | 02:07

Following the vote on Friday, US President Donald Trump endorsed the stricter measures, saying on Twitter "The World wants Peace, not Death!". Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pressed U.S. North Korean officials said that the test put United States within the range of its ICBM. 'Their plan is to put a satellite equipped with cameras and telecommunication devices into orbit'.