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Wires that are lubricated, stay cooler than those that are not lubricated. This is because when lubrication prevents excess friction, it prevents the wires from getting too hot.

.If you do not lube your wires, the wires can easily heat up and get damaged or cause a fire. By lubing up your wires, you will keep them cool and in good condition which will increase the life expectancy of your wires.

Lubricating your wires is important so that you can get the most out of them and have them last you a long time. If you do not lubricate your wires, they can cause a lot of trouble such as damaged wires, fires, and improper connections. So if you are going to be working with or around any type of wire, it is important that you get ahold of some lube.Lubricant is a material that reduces friction between moving surfaces.


8 Different Types of Lubricants


Lubricants are used in a variety of industrial processes, such as oil drilling and metal working to reduce wear and tear on machinery. Lubricants come in many different forms, substances, and chemicals.The main function of a lubricant is to provide a low friction surface for the object being moved. 

Metallic-based lubricant

The type of lubricant used depends on the object being moved, the environment surrounding the object, and even personal preference.Metallic-based lubricants are those that contain metal particles suspended in a carrier fluid, e.g.: Lithium-based metallic paints which contain a dielectric polymer binder with fine metal particles. These types of paints possess high conductivity properties and are effective in reducing friction even at room temperature.



Metallic base lubricants are widely used for industrial purposes as it can improve the smoothness of the surface and protect the gear or machine from wear during operation. Graphite is a type of mineral found naturally in several countries.



It is also used as a lubricant to reduce the friction between two surfaces of different metals or materials. They are used mostly on sliding parts of machines, belts, gears, and other machinery.Oil-based lubricants are the most commonly used types of lubricants on machinery nowadays. 



They are inexpensive and can be found in the market easily. These types of lubricants are water-soluble, non-flammable, and do not evaporate quickly unlike the other types of lubricants. It is also safe for human skin because it does not cause irritation or itchiness.

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These types of oil-based lubricants are usually made from synthetic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. They are also known as polymer-based lubes. They are commonly used in the printing industry, firearms, and even in the automotive industry. One great benefit of using this type of lubricant is that it repels water, and thus can function effectively even under extreme temperature changes.Silicone oil-based lubricants are made from polydimethylsiloxane such as those commonly found in silicone sealant products. These types of lubricants have distinct characteristics – the ability to repel water and even prevent corrosion.They are mostly used for anti-friction applications and do not evaporate quickly or lose viscosity with time unlike other types of oils.



Water lubricants are a mixture of water and oil. They are widely used for industrial machines that operate in extremely high or low temperatures. An example of this type of lubricant is HOAT mixed with synthetic oil or H2O mixed with silicone oil which provides better  performance than the synthetic and silicone oils alone respectively. Food grade lubricants are those used in food processing machines and devices that touch food products directly, e.g. grinders