'Game of Thrones' Facebook filter crowns you the Night King

'Game of Thrones' Facebook filter crowns you the Night King

The Night King showed off his brutal throwing arm in the latest episode Beyond The Wall, cementing himself as a worthy adversary and a pretty badass leader of the White Walkers.

Something has been nagging the Game Of Thrones community since that stunning penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones season 7. While Bran was in the man's mind, he was stabbed with the dragonglass and the Night King's mind was then joined with the Three-Eyed Raven's.

Unfortunately, though, Season 7 is shorter than the usual 10 episodes, but fans can take solace in one thing: the finale, airing this Sunday, will be the longest episode of the HBO hit yet, clocking in at 79 minutes and 43 seconds, the networks confirmed on Tuesday.

The Night King and two of his White Walkers were armed with spears, while the remaining two Whites had swords.

One thing which fans have found particularly freaky is the fact that the White Walkers, despite their name, have barely moved an inch for two seasons. Many suspect that the dragons only get along that well with true Targaryens.

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But now that Viserion is the Night King's ice dragon, that theory seems to have been blown to smithereens.

This goes right to the top, because what's the point of giving the Night King a dragon if he can't use it for his biggest problem?

The answer to that question could determine whether or not the revelation from "Beyond The Wall" proves to be the final blueprint for how to eliminate the White Walker threat forever.

The Night King's "mark" on Bran still works, so the White Walkers can pass through already.

. And with Viserion at his side, he now has a powerful weapon against the Wall and his magic ... It's actually part of a new augmented reality toy for the show (described in the video's description) that allows fans to transform into the Night King. The first time, he'll instruct the Mad King to manufacture wildfire and save it beneath King's Landing, but we all know what happens to that.

In order to go to the depth of this theory you first need to understand the phenomenal combination of powers that makes Bran Stark exceptional.

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They'll walk around it on the frozen seas near Eastwatch.


Or maybe one of the reasons the White Walkers needed such a massive army was because they are planning to use their massive numbers to form a ramp out of their bodies.

Going over the magical Wall (without a dragon) is as lame as going around it, but either of these methods would be aesthetically superior to see-there's just little evidence either will happen. So how do you defeat such an enormous, terrifying force?

How was the Night King made? We can't have you messing around like that so close to the season finale.

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